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First, sorry for the delay, I have just accepted your message on our 
moderated mailing list.

On Thursday 18 August 2011 10:27:37 Felix Dickehage, you wrote:
> Am I missing something?
Indeed, it seems you have missed our latest news[1], which states that:
"The Debian repository for those of you who want the latest builds is now "
The URL you mentionned points to Laurent's (our Debian packager) personal 
server, which can not be maintained online anymore for various reasons.

> For your Information. I'm having a blocked update also which hangs in
> there quite much longer. It's qelectrotech - 0.30.r1308-1  It is blocked
> because of the QT-Version I'm using and should not keep other updates
> from beeing fetched
I rarely use Ubuntu but as far as I remember, there are indeed several 
problems due to the Qt version as renamed by Ubuntu. I don't know more about 
it -- perhaps Laurent will provide you with a more complete answer...

> Please help me to get my updates running again.
> Sincerely
> 	Felix Dickehage

Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer


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