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Good day,

I am currently working to build an AADL model > Generate source code using Ocarina (with the POK backend) > Integrate it onto SIMA.

I am using the POK example (arinc653-events) as a basis for my AADL model. I had re-typed the model onto my OSATE2 and since it was based AADLv1, I have made a few changes to the lines namely:

processor implementation ppc.impl
        part1 : virtual processor partition.impl;
        POK::Architecture => x86;
        POK::BSP => x86_qemu;
        ARINC653::Module_Major_Frame => 500 ms;
        ARINC653::Module_Schedule => (
            [Partition => reference (part1); Duration => 500 ms; Periodic_Processing_Start => True;]);

end ppc.impl;

process implementation myprocess1.impl
        thr1 : thread mythread1.impl;
        thr2 : thread mythread2.impl;
        Conn: port thr1.output -> thr2.input;
end myprocess1.impl;


So after making these changes, the following was the error when I ran "make":

$ make
AADL models are not syntaxically correct, please fix them !
make: *** [build] Error 1

Am I missing out on any commits/updates from POK or Ocarina? Furthermore, how can I check to see if my Ocarina was installed properly (specifically, to a path)? Reason being, I am suspecting the path to my Ocarina installation is wrong and I am unable to solve this issue.


For information, the version of my ocarina is:

$ ocarina -V
Ocarina 2.0w (Working Copy from )
Build date: Friday 06 February 2015, 17:01:20
Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Telecom ParisTech, 2010-2015 ESA & ISAE

In addition, for my OSATE2, I am using Version: 2.0.9-snapshot -- Build id: 20150107


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