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I can't help you on the first question, but only to the second one:

For questions of determinism, SMP (Symmetric Multi Processor) model is generally not used in the safety applications that need spatial and temporal partitioning. AMP (Asymmetric Multi-Processor) model is generally preferred, which means that each core has its own set of partitions, and that each partition "belongs" to only one core.

Running such an AMP software model on a SMP hardware architecture is sometimes called ASMP.

I think, as you suggest, that running one scheduler on each core could be sufficient to make POK multi-core friendly.
What I don't know (due to my lack of POK-specific knowledge) is the impact it will have on the configuration part: will it be a simple attribute to each partition telling which core runs the partition, or should each core have its own, independent configuration? The former case makes the time partitioning less straightforward, the latter case makes the space partitioning less straightforward. In both cases, you could need more work to adapt the way POK is configured and configuration data is checked, than to do the run-time code modification.

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   I'm working to port Pok to a SMP multicore system,  two questions troubles me:

1) I try to replace tsim by qemu-sysem-sparc to simulate the example of partition-scheduling, however that is
blocked at beginning of execution, do you know the reason? What should I do?

2) In order to support SMP with a minimal cost, I just want to create one scheduler per core.
Do you think that is sufficient?

Any comment will be welcome.

Best regards

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