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Dear Martin,

I am glad to read that you think on the same page and you feel
potential contribution would be reserved to the public version ! As I
have no real idea about the details of current efforts, I do not have
any direct contact with people actually working on the project.On the
other hand, I do not understand why contacting persons privately is
better: as for reversing the source code, the simpler would consist in
contacting the public mailing-list (you can find information on the
main website). It would just fits with your needs: find appropriate
people involved in the project and see how to contribute to new code.

In order to help you initiate the process, II forward this e-mail to
the developer and users mailing-list, you can also follow the list and
see the feedback from these guys in order to know how to contribute.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your future contribution,

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 6:15 AM, Martin Schoeberl <masca@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Julien,
> thanks for your long mail on your opinion. And I basically
> agree with all.
> Although forks are explicitly allowed in OS licenses, they are
> not the best thing for an OS project.
> As you feel not responsive for the project anymore, can you
> tell me who is in charge now?
> Cheers,
> Martin
> On 17 Mar 2013, at 04:41, "Julien Delange" <julien@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> Thanks for your e-mail. As I told you, I am no longer active into the
>> project so I do not know (and do not want to know) all the details.
>> From what I see from your e-mail is that if there is any fork, it
>> would be worth to contribute to the main branch rather than having
>> separate sources repositories (at least on the long run), no matter
>> the motivation. This ensures also that people can continue to improve
>> the main branch and this is also fair, in particular because
>> establishing a fork is possible because the foundations are available
>> and opened. Thus contributing can give the very same opportunity this
>> people had to othes. However, according to the BSD license, this is
>> also your right for not doing it. If this is not clear, please read
>> the BSD license.
>> If you think that any contribution shall be made to the community,
>> please contact the developers list: they are more interested than me
>> in new features are more subject to support and help newcomers.
>> Finally, if you think that additional citations shall be made, and
>> existing materials are not appropriate, just change it according to
>> what you think is fair according to the work done in that context. On
>> my side, I do not think that I have to tell people what they have to
>> do: from a strict contractual point of view, what matters is the
>> software license, the rest is more about being fair with existing work
>> and ensuring the long term support of the project.
>> Hope that helps,
>> Thanks,
>> On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Martin Schoeberl <masca@xxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi Julien,
>>> thanks for your quick reply. I personally do not really do anything on the
>>> project. It is a master student. What I was referring to was the comment
>>> on the Padua fork of POK. Are you aware of this? Is this an issue?
>>> Or shall we just proceed with proper citing?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Martin
>>> On 16 Mar 2013, at 22:49, "Julien Delange" <julien@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Hello Martin,
>>>> Thank you for your e-mail and your contribution to POK. I an delighted
>>>> to see that it is used, even several years after my thesis !
>>>> I am no longer very active on the project, so, it would be really
>>>> useful to have some background information about what you are talking
>>>> about. And I will be thrilled to learn about your improvements ! Also,
>>>> if you want to be active in the community, you are kindly welcome to
>>>> join and you can start to interact with the community, a good starting
>>>> point would be to present what you do/did in the mailing list !
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Regards,
>>>> On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 4:42 PM, Martin Schoeberl <masca@xxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Julien,
>>>>> I have a visiting master student who works on a port of the Padua version of POK to our T-CREST platform and the Patmos processor.
>>>>> However, from the news entry at the POK website it reads for me that this was an unfriendly fork of the POK project. Something I would not like to support.
>>>>> Can you give me some background information on this issue. Is there a chance that this fork can be contributed to the master branch of POK?
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Martin

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