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Hello to the List.

I have been working extensively with non-mixer for the last couple of
months and I have run up against a few problems and at least one bug.

The bug manifests as a crash of non-mixer when any attempt is made to
use a "Spatialization" control if it has been replaced. For instance,
if a mixer strip has a built-in spatialiser control and you decide to
use a LADSPA AMB 1st order stereo panner plugin instead then the first
attempt to use the positioning control of the plugin will crash the
mixer and remove it from the screen. 

The safe way to do this and avoid the crash is to replace the control,
save the JACKPatch state, save the mixer and kill it. Then re-start the
mixer. JACKPatch will re-make the connections and now the control of
the panner can be used without fear of crashing.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?
Richard <richard.j.walker@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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