Re: [non] Bypass plugin by OSC msg in non mixer

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On Fri, Dec 04, 2015 at 08:39:32PM +0100, Fero Kiraly wrote:
> Yes, I understand but it will be nice to have this feature. Everything can
> be controlled by OSC besides bypass...
> I know that this feature can make glitches when changing 'on air' but it is
> up to user ...
> Yes I can make a workaround with multiple stripes with the (nearly) same
> plugins with the same params but is much work to set up all the params the
> same way ...
> Having separate sessions cant be my case. i am usig a lot of software with
> bigdata, network connections, device connections.. It could be messy..

If you leave external (non-NSM aware) programs running when changing between
sessions they should carry on working, as long as you saved the previous
session connections with jackpatch. I use this approach on complex mixes
where I have a separate NSM session for each song. You can set up a session
to use as a template, save that and duplicate it for each new session.


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