Re: [non-daw] [petri-foo] Doesn't save and restore properly in NSM

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On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 11:07 AM, J. Liles <male@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 7:22 AM, James Morris <james@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 15/12/12 "rosea.grammostola" <rosea.grammostola@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On 08/21/2012 07:30 PM, James Morris wrote:
>> On 21/08/12 James Morris<james@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> cd Petri-Foo
>>> cmake . -DBuildForDebug=1
>>> make
>>> sudo make install
>>> And tell me what the debug info says. If possible
>>> subscribe and post to petri-foo-devel.
>> PS run non-session-manager from a terminal to see petri-foo debug
>> info under session management.
>[Petri-Foo.nAYAH] 11:10:07.222 ERROR: failed to create dir 'samples'
>within '/home/derick/NSM Sessions/petri/Petri-Foo.nAYAH/'
>[nsmd] Client "Petri-Foo" replied with: OK in 7.311000ms
>.....[nsmd] Done.
>/nsm/server/save says Saved.

Sorry for my previous response to this.

It's quite straightforward to fix this so Petri-Foo responds with

Is it acceptable for a client to bring up a dialog window to provide
the user with detailed information about what went wrong?


Happy holidays... Will soon be torn away from the PC...

I think I missed something. What message are we talking about here? 'open' with ':switch;' capability?

If so, since 'save' would have been called immediately before 'open', something must have gone wrong at that point to end up in a situation where ERR_UNSAVED_CHANGES would make any sense. What's going wrong with 'save'?

Also, to answer your other question, a dialog box would be bad (imagine ten clients all popping them up at once).. There's a place in the response for an error message. The error message should contain some indication of what the user must do to correct the situation (i.e., free up disk space, remove a stale lock file etc.).

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