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Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother... First, recordmydesktop didn't work, so I had to film the screen with a video camera, then ffmpeg2theora took ages to transcode the video from MJPEG and added some annoying clicks to the audio track, then the new archive.org uploader didn't work, so I was stuck with using youtube.com, which refuses to display the video in HD.

Alas, I am to learn again and again that the only way to have things done right is to do them yourself. On that note, I'd like to introduce to the wider audience a project that I started shortly after writing this:


... post to the LAD list back in 2008. Well, I haven't been very active since then--well, such is life--but in the past couple of weeks I've spent some time developing the idea and I'd like to demonstrate it in the following video:


I'll be pushing my changes in the next week or two along with some other fixes and enhancements to the Non-* family. Those who have been following on #lad may have already seen draft versions of the NSM API. The final draft (version 1.0) will be posted to the LAD list soon also.

Robust audio session management on Linux is now a solved problem. You're welcome ;-)


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