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On Fri, Feb 05, 2010, Alex Stone wrote:
> Male, further testing, and a couple of things have come up. I ask
> this more for clarification, than anything else.
> 1. Peter and i tested the same event, and got the same result.
> If a plugin's parameter window is open, you can remove the plugin,
> and the window stays open. Moving any plugin parameter control,
> after the plugin is removed, causes a predictable crash.
> 2. When ND and NM are running together, and an automation sequence
> is added to a track with the intention of using CV to control the
> gain in a NM strip, there's no port in the Mixer to connect the ND
> CV port to, for the gain module. I'm not sure if this
> intentional,but if so, where do we connect the ND CV port?
> More to come....
> Alex.

1. Fix has been pushed.

2. It's intentional. The gain slider, connected to the
default gain module, is just like any other controller
except that it appears on the fader view of the strip
instead of the 'controls' view of the chain. You have to
bring up its context menu (Menu key or right click) and set
the control mode to "Control Voltage" for the port to be

Feb 05 2010,
John Moore Liles

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