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I'm sorry if the crosspost isn't appropriate.

I've debianized non-daw, non-mixer and non-sequencer. You can find the git trees on my github account http://github.com/elthariel/non-sequencer and http://github.com/elthariel/non-daw if you want to build packages for another debian based distribution. There are relatively few changes between these tree and the master if you wanty to have a look at the diif.

You can find ubuntu packages in my launchpad archive https://launchpad.net/~elthariel/+archive/audio

If you run ubuntu 9.10 i386 or amd64, you just have to run the following commands to get the packages (as root):
- add-apt-repository ppa:elthariel/audio
- apt-get update
- apt-get install non-mixer non-daw non-sequencer

I don't mind maintaining them, so if i miss an important release dont't hesitate to mail me in order to make me update these.


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