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Apologies, i should have added in the navigation suggestions post, that Y and U were just examples.

We use [ and ] currently for moving strips, so following on from that, adding a modifer to mice the strips up and down would be am evolution of the actual existing keybindings.

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--- Begin Message --- After using nondaw and nonmixer solid for the last week or so, i have a couple of suggestions for workflow within the apps.


1.) The ability to hide CV lanes, but not remove them. This would be useful where there's a lot of recording to be done, with the intent of going back after to write in the CV automation. My suggestion is to be able to reduce the size of the lane, to a thin yellow line, maybe a couple of pixels high, so the user knows there's a CV lane on that track, but the highlighter that selects the active track skips over this lane, when it's reduced to the "line" state.

2.) The ability to move tracks up and down in the track order. If we record using say 3 tracks for 1st violins, but then find we need a 4th, there's currently no mechanism to add the new track to the existing 1st violin tracks as a group, for editing, etc.

3.) an extension of the above would be to have the ability to insert tracks in the order. Using the track highlighter as a point of reference, the "insert track" command would place a new track immediately under the existing highlighted track.

4.) the ability to copy paste a selected region or regions in another track. I know we can do this singly, but being able to do this for multiple selected regions would be useful too.


I know and appreciate NM is fresh out of the oven, so the following may already be on a list for intended addition in the future.

1.) The ability to insert a channel strip anywhere in a mixer set. As for the related non-daw suggestion above, the "insert new strip" action would place a new strip directly after the currently highlighted strip.

2.) The ability to move new strips up and down, as well as forward and back. I had a bit of a think about this, and suggest we use a modifer with a pair of keys to do this. Something like Y and U to move the strips back and forth in the strip order, and Ctrl+ Y/U to move the strip up and down, across multiple rows of strips if present.

3.) The ability to colour code multiple strips at once. Something like press Ctrl+left/right arrows to select multiple strips, then a keybinding to select the desired colour. This select multiple strip function might also be useful for other tasks, i.e. change modes, move sliders up and down for the selected group, etc...

As always, i respectfully ask that all of these functions where applicable have keybindings available. I appreciate some editing functions in ND will require mouse use, but the mixer could quite possibly be entirely run from the qwerty, including actions for changing sliders, inserting modules, changing plugin parameters, etc....


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