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On Sat, Feb 27, 2010, plutek-infinity wrote:
> greetings!
> as i continue to play with non daw, i'm wondering again about session control:
> neither non daw nor non mixer seem to be lash-able -- at least they don't show up in lash_panel as other clients do. also, it seems that you can't give a session file on the command line.

Non-DAW did have LASH support, but it was removed from the
last release. LASH doesn't actually work very well and its
design is flawed in several ways (nobody argues this).  I
didn't bother implementing LASH support in Non-Mixer.

> so, it seems like we must load session files from within the applications, and rely on something like qjackctl patchbay for restoring connections with other jack clients. is this correct?

As you've discovered, this is incorrect. Projects can be
loaded from the command line.

Most people who have struggled with LASH have ended up (like
me) just using shell scripts and jack_snapshot to define
sessions instead.

All this being said, I'm actually working on my own session
manager design and implementation, which will solve this
problem for the Non-* programs, and any others that I patch
or that choose to cooperate, in a way that is actually
useful in my studio.

> thanks.... cheers!

Feb 27 2010,
John Moore Liles

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