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As discussed in IRC, here's a couple of workflow suggestions for non-daw.

The menu for transport lacks an alphabetical identifier to open it from a keybinding. We have to go to the menu either side, and move across.

Navigating in non-daw is pretty simple, and the tools are already there to move from track to track with Tab, Shift Tab. (which is fast.) When it comes to recording, and getting out of recording, we go from using the qwerty to using the mouse, then back again, so i suggest the following:

3 'global' toggle on/off actions, for record, mute, and solo. We select the track as described above, and use the actions accordingly, for the selected track. This makes it quick to record, move to another track, record, etc.
are the more or less generically accepted keybindings for these actions. (as a suggestion.)

The shift+mousewheel works fine for resizing tracks, but a corresponding set of actions to make tracks larger/smaller would be useful.

Alt+up arrow
Alt+down arrow

are the suggestions here.

with a lot of track, again, opening and closing the tracks, makes it a bit easier to navigate, and if the track has CV as well, being able to compress and open the track makes sense for speed of use.


Currently, the playhead moves by beat or bar with actions.
I suggest a third set of actions, to move the playhead in small increments.

Alt+left/right arrows.

The purpose of this is to complement the next suggestion which is to use the playhead as an edit point.

to explain;
We use the mouse to define fade ins, and outs. however it's the only point of reference we have when defining how long or short a fade should be. If the playhead can be moved by small increments, then a pair of actions for fadein/fadeout, using the playhead as the 'focus point' means we have a second option to use, and for multiple edits in multiple tracks, we can then simple navigate tracks, and add fade ins/outs, according to playhead position. On more than one occasion, i've recorded 20 tracks, then had to edit the regions in a vertical row. Instead of having to use the mouse for this, simply traversing tracks, hitting the "fade to playhead position" keybindings will speed up the process.


are the suggestions for " add fade in/out by playhead."

These are my suggestions, and if i were to have to prioritize them, the top 3 of toggle record/mute/solo for selected track would be first on the list.

Alex Stone
(alekz49 irc.)

p.s. Ctrl+R for toggle global record doesn't seem to be working.

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