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I haven't tried out your software yet, but I do enjoy the refreshing approach to aduio sequencing with only the base essentials. As you say, in true linux spirit.

Before I compile, I'd like to get some more information about control sequences if I can.

On the main website it states "Anything may be controlled by a control track, including external software supporting OSC or MIDI control"

However, on the manual is says "A control sequence can be used to control anything that can accept CV style input"

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is CV style input in the scope of OSC or MIDI? I mean, I know what it it in the world of analog synths, but I've only seen it used sparingly in the digital realm in the sense of "virtual" control ports. Do i need to translate these signals somehow, given that the majority of software doesn't accept CV style input? Can you reccomend some software to act as an intermediary to allow non daw to control say ladspa plugins in jack-rack?


Michael Noble

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