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Thanks for your reply. I've tried spiral synth modular and I like the concept, being a fan of the spiral looper. Unfortunately, for my needs I need a more standardized control sequencer to control external hardware and software. So while I appreciate your approach for its simplicity, I can't make the switch.

Thanks anyway for answering my question.

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 10:36 PM, <male@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You're right. Currently only CV style output is supported.
MIDI and OSC have to wait. The only piece of software I know
of that accepts CV is SpiralSynthModular (which can use a CV
signal to control a LADSPA plugin, among other things). What
CV means in this context is instead of using the range of
floating point values between -1.0 and +1.0 on a JACK port
to represent the instantaneous voltage of an audio signal,
they are used to represent the current setting of some
parameter as a point between two poles.  It isn't that
outputting MIDI or OSC is a huge project, just that both of
them require their own little user interface to setup. A CV
signal is far more generic in that it doesn't have to be
bound to any specific port or parameter by the emitting

On Fri, May 22, 2009, michael noble wrote:
> hi
> I haven't tried out your software yet, but I do enjoy the refreshing
> approach to aduio sequencing with only the base essentials. As you say, in
> true linux spirit.
> Before I compile, I'd like to get some more information about control
> sequences if I can.
> On the main website it states "Anything may be controlled by a control
> track, including external software supporting OSC or MIDI control"
> However, on the manual is says "A control sequence can be used to control
> anything that can accept CV style input"
> Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is CV style input in the scope of OSC
> or MIDI? I mean, I know what it it in the world of analog synths, but I've
> only seen it used sparingly in the digital realm in the sense of "virtual"
> control ports. Do i need to translate these signals somehow, given that the
> majority of software doesn't accept CV style input? Can you reccomend some
> software to act as an intermediary to allow non daw to control say ladspa
> plugins in jack-rack?
> regards
> Michael Noble

May 22 2009,
John Moore Liles

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