[non-daw] Suggestion and mixer question

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First let me express my deepest respect to this magnificent piece of software - Non-Daw. After I switched to Linux and began to find out how audio works here I was shocked how Windows (Mac Os) like all the sequencers/DAW for Linux were. Finally I found DAW that really followed modular concept of JACK server.

Unfortunately I could not find a suitable mixer for it. I am already planning to write my own mixer, but before I start to do it, I wonder which mixers current Non-Daw users use, probably I have not noticed some.

Also I have several small suggestions on how to improve Non-Daw. I think control channels would benefit from numeric representation of intensity of it's vertexes, at least during editing mode. In addition MIDI output for control channels would be a good addition IMO too.

Best regards, Mikhail Novikov


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