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(Please kindly forward this to your CEO, because this is urgent. Thanks)

Dear CEO,

We are the domain name registration service company in China. On 2020-05-04, we received an application from Hongbo Ltd requested "tuxfamily" as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names (tuxfamily.cn, tuxfamily.com.cn, tuxfamily.net.cn, tuxfamily.org.cn). But after checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, it's necessary to send email to you and confirm whether this company is your distributor in China?


Best Regards


Thomas Liu | Service & Operations Manager

China Registry (Head Office)

6012, Xingdi Building, No. 1698 Yishan Road, Shanghai 201103, China

Tel: +86-02161918696

Fax: +86-02161918697

Mob: +86-13816428671



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