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I asked you before if I could send in another proposal to your site to
get Element's isos mirrored. Previously you gave us a no go for
understandable reasons, much of the custom artwork we had created on
the system was CC-NC-SA not CC-BY-SA.

Well Element's licensing has changed. I don't know if this is
applicable, but we changed all of our backgrounds and created icons
from CC-NC-SA to LGPL. The only thing on our system which is not
available for commercial usage are three variants of our app menu icon
in /usr/share/pixmaps

I was just wondering and hoping that this is a sufficient licensing
change to allow us to host at TuxFamily and take the strain off of our
servers. We have no commercial or corporate backing and I have to pay
for everything from hosting to hardware myself. Not complaining I like
doing it but I would be very appreciative if I could get a mirror. All
the mirrors people have offered us thus far that we put our iso on
were far too slow. I'm not ungrateful to these people who have offered
- but 40K download rates on a 638MB iso isn't really that helpful.

If this isn't sufficient, tell me exactly what I need to do to have my
licensing fit into your guidlines.

I have to maintain non commercial usage over our Distributions logo so
people don't just make T-Shirts, mousepads, etc and charge for them.
To my understanding most distributions try and protect there logo
through trademarks or other means, correct?

Thanks Xavier, I hope to hear back from you,

Kevin L. Thompson
Project Manager/Developer
Element HTPC

"It's more than a media center."

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