Re: [hatari-users] removal of --midi-in and --midi-out options

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When Hatari is built with PortMidi, MIDI devices are defined by port names in the GUI (and config file). PortMidi expects data for those devices to be real MIDI data!

Only when Hatari is compiled *without* PortMidi, there are --midi-in and --midi-out device file options (and Hatari does not care what data is transferred through them).

Currently Hatari does not support both at the same time, it needs to be built separately for each use-case. As real MIDI device use-case is much more common, releases are built with PortMidi for Mac.

	- Eero

On 28.7.2023 2.20, eric wrote:
First of all, thanks for hatari, it is a wonderful piece of software.

The ability to run a .prg file directly, as well as MIDI support, are very useful features to help debug.

I noticed that these 2 options disappeared between hatari v2.3.1 and v2.4.1



I know I can chose real MIDI devices as input or output using the GUI, but previously I was able to communicate between hatari and a specific software, just using files

(I was using --midi-in /tmp/midiIN --midi-out /tmp/midiOUT)

Now with newer versions I found no way of doing this.

Is there a workaround/a hack that I could use ?

Thank you


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