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Le 03/03/2023 à 14:40, Kikka a écrit :
Hello there!
I'm sending you this e-mail 'cause I got no reply on the previous one:
I think it would be nice if you could at least say "Yes" or "No" and "When", more or less...
I'm talking about shaders on "Hatari"... next release maybe?
Also, I wanted to let you know that the "Hatari lib-retro" on "RetroArch" is still 1.8, so it's super-old!
Please let me know when you get this


sorry, I thought I answered your email

as you already asked in the past, answer is the same :) it's planned to add shaders one day, but there's absolutely no date, unlikey to be in next release.

This is a lot of work, requiring many internal rewrite.

In the meantime you can use shaders/filters as provided by retroarch, but you need to ask them about updating the Hatari part to sthg newer than 1.8, we have no relation with them


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Hello there HATARI team!
I've noticed that magnification filters like "Scale2x/3x/4x", "SuperEagle", "2xSAI"
are on the "TO-DO List" of the emulator...
Any chance we're gonna see those fancy shaders anytime soon?
When are you planning to release the next installment of HATARI?
Please, let me know
Kind Regards

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