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Am Tue, 30 Aug 2022 08:42:53 +0000
schrieb Ispettor Flanella <ispettorflanella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hey all!
> As suggested by some members of the AtariAge forum sending a short note about Hatari's JagPad / Power Pad support.
> I know this might be of lower priority, but as you probably already know there are a handful of exclusive Falcon 030 games that can be played exclusively with a JagPad / Power Pad joypad. Currently only directional and fire keys can be mapped on Hatari, but not the 1 - 9 keys on the keypad.
> And a list of Falcon 030 games that cannot be played fully without a Power Pad / Jagpad (they're just the 5 commisioned by Atari for the Falcon launch then, minus Road Riot 4WD where JagPad is not mandatory):
> ---------------------
> Evolution: Dino Dudes
> Llamazap
> Raiden
> Steel Talons


Thanks for the list! I wasn't aware of any games that really depend on the
additional buttons on the JagPad, so it's good to have this list ready when
somebody wants to implement this - which shouldn't be too hard to do since
basic support for the joypad is already there, see the Joy_StePadButtons_*
functions in joy.c ... most difficult part is likely to find somebody with
enough spare time to implement it and to figure out a good way to configure
this in the GUI ... patches are certainly welcome!


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