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Hey all!

As suggested by some members of the AtariAge forum sending a short note about Hatari's JagPad / Power Pad support.

I know this might be of lower priority, but as you probably already know there are a handful of exclusive Falcon 030 games that can be played exclusively with a JagPad / Power Pad joypad. Currently only directional and fire keys can be mapped on Hatari, but not the 1 - 9 keys on the keypad.

Referring in particular to Llamazap, a Falcon exclusive developed by Llamasoft in '93 and released by 16/32 Systems in '95: a technical marvel and a somewhat lost gem.

The game is running great on Hatari, you can move your ship around and use fire buttons, but unfortunately unplayable without keypad support (it's used to select power-ups, ships, and other functions).

Is this something you might be looking at in future Hatari releases?

Here's the Power Pad / JagPad Falcon 030 games list:


Bad Mood
Beats of Rage
Bomb Squad
Dino Dudes
Double Bobble 2000
Killing Impact
Men at War
Radical Race
Robinson's Requiem
Road Riot 4WD
Steel Talons


And a list of Falcon 030 games that cannot be played fully without a Power Pad / Jagpad (they're just the 5 commisioned by Atari for the Falcon launch then, minus Road Riot 4WD where JagPad is not mandatory):


Evolution: Dino Dudes
Steel Talons



PS: Here are the two Atari Age forum threads, if needed for more context:


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