Re: [hatari-users] Question regarding Hatari and MANDALA.PRG

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On 1/30/20 7:45 PM, Michel Tavir wrote:
As with your earlier post, I do not understand. This, in particular:

Please run Hatari with "--trace midi" option and
check whether it complains about write errors.

- is there a Terminal in Hatari where one runs such commands?

Use MacOS Terminal and start Hatari from that,
with the "--trace midi" option.

There can be a lot of output, so it's better to
redirect Hatari's trace output to a file with:
	hatari --trace midi  2>  trace.txt

You can then attach that "trace.txt" file to your

Btw. If MacOS has "tee" program, you can view
the output while it's being written to the file
	hatari --trace midi 2>&1 | tee trace.txt

("2>&1" redirects Hatari's standard error to
standard output file handle and '|' passes that
to the "tee" program, which will both save and
output it.)

	- Eero

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