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On 3/21/19 7:27 PM, Vincent Rivière wrote:
I have just made a general presentation about emulators. You will see a few Hatari stuff there, among many others.

I think this is very nicely done (like the previous videos), and
it's cool that you provide also subtitling for us language-challenged
ones. :-)

Note to Hatari developers:
Feel free to get inspiration from there, such as nice toolbar for easy access to emulator features,

Just run Hatari (Python/Gtk) UI instead of Hatari.  Its been
included with Hatari for a decade, and looks like this:

How many toolbars there are, where they are, and what they contain
can be set with the command line options.

(Normally one would use a script to set up thing as one wants,
"hatariui" listed in your Desktop menus is just one example.)

> separate debugger window, etc.

Hatari UI debugger is in a separate (GUI) window, but I'm first
to admit it to be pretty crappy.

Hatari's own debugger runs also in a separate (terminal) window.

	- Eero

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