Re: [hatari-users] Tracker (Rainbird) double bus error, CPU halted

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On 2/13/19 2:58 PM, Steve Netting wrote:
Whilst not much of a gamer - there's one game I've been trying to run for years now.

On the previous version of Hatari it would boot but freeze at the first menu (blue patterned screen).  On the current v2.2.1 Hatari it hits the same stage then reports 'Detected Double bus/address error => CPU Halted!'

Is this with cycle exact floppy & CPU emulation?

The floppy image I'm using is tracker_tos_1.00.stx (md5=ccd9eb206339ee10ec17efe7b7118e3d). The ST configuration is a basic ST, TOS 1.04 (although I've tried others), 512Kb RAM.

I assume it's this one:

Have you tried it with other amounts of RAM?

Oddly, trying an STE with later ROM results in a "welcome to wonderful world of MindWare debugger!" then ... freezes.

I thought it worth reporting in case it highlights anything interesting to the dev team :)

Not really, a lot more info, or the actual game would be needed.

If you provide Hatari output from:
	--trace os_all

With both ST & STe ROMS, that might tell a bit more.

	- Eero

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