Re: [hatari-users] Compilation error with Hatari 2.2.0 on Linux

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Le 01/02/2019 à 03:41, tuxic@xxxxxxxxx a écrit :

trying to compile Hatari 2.2.0 on Linux gives me this error:

[  2%] Built target build68k
[  5%] Built target gencpu
[ 24%] Built target UaeCpu
[ 27%] Built target Floppy
[ 35%] Built target Debug
[ 39%] Built target Falcon
[ 49%] Built target GuiSdl
[ 49%] Building C object src/CMakeFiles/hatari.dir/floppy_ipf.c.o
/home/mccramer/data/pools/pool05/hatari-2.2.0/src/floppy_ipf.c:64:2: error: unknown type name ‘CapsLong’
   CapsLong  CapsImage[ MAX_FLOPPYDRIVES ]; /* Image Id or -1 if drive empty */

The system is a GENTOO system.
Currentlu only an older version of Hatari is provided by emerge, the
Gentoo package system.
Hatari 2.1.0 compiles fine on the system.

How can I compile Hatari successfully?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!



based on these logs, it seems you're trying to build Hatari with capslib/ipf support (that should be reported at the end when you run ../configure), but some capslib's headers were not found.

did you try to install capslib libraries ? If so, you can try to remove them and Hatari should compile fine. In a 2nd time, you can then try to add capslib library (see the docs in Hatari, there's a part about where capslib files should be located on your system)


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