[hatari-users] Can't get cmake to detect libcapsimage.so.5.1 on Linux with latest source

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I need some help.. I must be missing something, or there must be a secret that I haven't found...

Trying to build hatari from mercurial sources *WITH* capsimage support on Ubuntu 14.04 X64 Linux.

Builds fine, but doesn't detect capsimage.
Runs fine, but won't load IPF files.

So, I'm trying to fix that...

Here's what I've done:

- checked out latest source from hg for hatari
- downloaded spsdeclib_5.1_source.zip
- unzipped, unzipped capsimg_source_linux_macosx.zip
- cd capsimg_source_linux_macosx
- cd CAPSImg/
- chmod a+x configure
- ./configure && make && sudo make install
- sudo mkdir /usr/local/lib/caps5
- sudo cp libcapsimage.so..5.1 /usr/local/lib/caps5
- sudo mkdir /usr/local/include/caps5
- cd ../LibIPF
- sudo cp * /usr/local/include/caps5
- cd ../Core
- sudo cp CommonTypes.h /usr/local/include/caps5/
- cd /usr/local/lib/caps5
- sudo ln -s libcapsimage.so.5.1 libcapsimage.so.5

... that's pretty much what the instructions say to do...

Now, when I cd to hatari source and run ./configure or cmake . , no capsimage is detected.

I tried hacking on cmake/FindCapsImage.cmake , but I didn't get too far.

What am I missing to get capsimage 5.1 detected on Linux?



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