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On tiistai 17 maaliskuu 2015, Kris Coward wrote:
> For some reason, whenever I go to play Time Bandit in hatari (version
> 1.8.0 on Debian -- multiple different Time Bandit ROMs downloaded from
> various points on the internet), the colours all seem to be inverted
> (black appears white, cyan appears red, etc.).
> Oddly it used to work fine, so I can only assume it broke during an
> apt-get upgrade, or because some setting got tweaked.
> Does anyone know if there's a setting that may have gotten tweaked,
> which I could tweak back? Alternately if there are some reference ROMs
> that I should try running to see how widespread this problem is.

Are you using STe mode?  It has extended palette register compared to ST.

Spec512 value in config could also affect colors, maybe also whether you use 
US or UK TOS (one is PAL and another NTSC i.e. 50 vs 60Hz).

	- Eero

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