[hatari-users] Kudos and personal achievement!

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Nicolas, I would just like to thank you for you work and effort around Hatari. 

I was an avid Atari user in the late 80's and early 90's, ending up with a Falcon, that is still serviceable to this day. Over the last coupler of years, I have enjoyed fiddling and setting-up the Atari emulator under Ubuntu on a VMWare Fusion virtual machine on my iMac! It did work but there were issues around key-stokes and keyboard buffers. 

So after Christmas, I bit the bullet and have successfully compiled a Hatari app directly for MacOSX. This for me was a step into the unknown, as I am not a programmer. Nevertheless, after following your instructions and downloading some (scary) unix stuff, I did get to the point of completion, and it seems to work very well (TOS 4.04, Falcon)

So that is my little story, but thanks for enabling me to relive and resurrect the Little Green Desktop.
Best regards,
John Perry.

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