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Am Thu, 01 Dec 2011 22:08:56 +0100
schrieb Vincent Rivière <vincent.riviere@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello.
> The EmuTOS VIDEL support has been greatly improved recently in CVS.
> As a result, different behavior appears when running EmuTOS on Hatari.
> In Falcon mode, with a VGA monitor, it seems that Hatari provides a
> default NVRAM with video mode 0x011a, which means "640x240, 16 color,
> 60 Hz". This mode is now correctly set with the CVS EmuTOS.
> If the above is confirmed, it would be nicer that Hatari provides a
> default NVRAM with a VGA video mode of 0x001a, which means "640x480,
> 16 color, 60 Hz".

If I remember cleary (but I am really not sure anymore, it's been a
long time that I've hacked the NVRAM stuff in Hatari), TOS 4.0x inverts
the interlace/double-scan bit from the NVRAM value when running with a
VGA monitor. That way you can swap your real Falcon between VGA and RGA
and get (almost) the same resolution in both cases.

In case I remember this right, I think EmuTOS has to be fixed instead.
I wonder if there is a TOS 4.04 disassembly available somewhere that
could help to confirm this...


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