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On 3.12.2022 21.28, Miro Kropáček wrote:
from time to time there's a question asked whether it wouldn't make sense
to emulate the DSP, Blitter and maybe other ICs in separate threads.

Usually the answer is that the communication between threads / CPU cores
would ruin the performance. Guess what, some guy didn't know this ;) and
implemented a nearly complete Jaguar emulator in about three months from

It runs many games on never-before-seen 60 FPS, thanks for what? Thanks to
the fact that the Tom, Jerry, 68000 etc all run on separate CPU cores.

There have always been emulators which trade accuracy for performance.

Does that emulator emulate cache, and at what level it syncs between those components:

* At specific sync IO register accesses
* At code branch points
* After every instruction
* At sub-instruction level


I think proper emulation needs at least syncing at every instruction because there are programs that rely on that.

	- Eero

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