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On 2.10.2022 16.41, Thomas Huth wrote:
Just a little test:

... best to be visited with Chromium browser (but recent versions of
Firefox might work, too) > :-)

Heh. The idea of it having floppy image with Nicolas' Hatari intros is great!

It's nice to listen / read them again.

(Image could open window to A: on start though. Maybe also include small doc about the emscripten version, shown by auto program on boot...)

(Warning: It's really just a quick'n'dirty test of the emscripten patches,
don't expect too much yet - and be prepared to download ~25 MBs if you
visit that page)

I've never seen Chromium use >1000 GBs of virtual memory before...
PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 6051 eero 20 0 1130,3g 329904 101228 R 63,8 2,0 2:00.43 chromium -----------------------------------------

	- Eero

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