[hatari-devel] Natfeats regression?

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Hello all,

I am not sure if there is a regression with Natfeats in Hatari.
You may remember the debug strategy I posted on atari-forum.com.

I am currently working on this older code but with a newer version of
Hatari. (Hatari compiled from master/ about 30min ago)

I noticed the following:

All is working with the following command line

$ hatari --debug-except all,autostart -w -d example_hd/

But as soon I add the Natfeats support Hatari crashes sometime into my

$ /opt/hatari/bin/hatari -w --natfeats true -d example_hd/ 
INFO : Hatari v2.4.0-devel (Jun 16
2022), compiled on:  Jun 16 2022, 09:38:05 INFO : GEMDOS HDD emulation,
C: <-> ./example_hd. WARN : Bus
Error writing at address $41fffe, PC=$e001a0 addr_e3=e001a0
op_e3=d443 ...config loaded

----------------------------------------------------------- scancode
for entry b = 68 key text = F10

----------------------------------------------------------- ch_read = 0
ProgDB_entries = 153
linebuf = Getötet

The COREDUMP messages are from my application via Natfeats so clearly
something is working. AUTo/ folder etc seems to work.

My problem is that it does not seem to be an Atari side crash as Hatari
itself locks up, SDL GUI is unresponsive and there is no jump to the
debugger on the console. I have to manually kill hatari from a
different shell.

Find attached a sample harddisk image that should demonstrate the
crash. It's my Harddisk menu btw.

As everything is working fine without Natfeats, TOS or RAM issues should be no concern. It works with EmuTOS 1.1.1 and 4MB RAM STE configuration with Natfeats disabled.

(I have an older build of hatari as backup where Natfeats work so my work is not affected.)

Best regards,


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