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Le 05/06/2022 à 12:41, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 5.6.2022 12.22, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Demos listed in the compatibility list that are marked to:
* Use sound
* Not require DSP to function
* Music being there only if DSP is enabled

Are good candidates for that.  I can go through them today with DSP disabled, to check whether any of them has bad audio.

As none of them is supposed to have problems, it's a good regression check in any case.

I've run all of them that did not have clear sound with Hatari Git, also with Hatari v2.3.1.

(I tested them with EmuTOS v1.1.1 512k version as that's supported by both Hatari versions, and boots *much* faster than TOS v4.)

As audio in all of these has regressed, issue is not DSP related:
* An cool: The Keff demo
* Brainstorm: Mouse
* ICE: Tron2001 [1]
* Opium: Falcon Flight
* Rabenauge: Chipo Django 1 [2]
* The Respectables: Cebit 93 demo
* Trio: 124 beers later

[1] This has regressed also otherwise.  It shows just the intro stuff at beginning, but exit when its tron2001 game demo should start.  It's not recent regression though as same issue is there with v2.3.1.

[2] This works both on STE & Falcon, so if you want to compare those too, it might be good to test against 16Mhz 030 STE.  IMHO you hear issue best at start of "Red Drops" song (press "3" for it).

If these had audio issues, diff was not clear enough for me to hear:
* DHS: 4orce (4K)
* Impulse: Bugs from Outer Space [3]
* New Beat: Flu (4K)

Anders, as I assume you to be familiar with "4orce", maybe you could check it better?  :-)

[3] I thought it had sound also in rest of the demo, not just start, but that's same with v2.3.1.  Maybe it has same issue as Opium's "Chrome Dragon", which has been missing music completely since v1.8?


thanks for testing, I will have a look, hopefully they're all related to the same bug and this should be fixed soon.

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