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Hi Christian,

Obviously you are familiar with some rather exotic DISKUS functionality :-):

I stumbled upon the missing MODE SENSE support for 0x3f when extending my
SCSI Driver tests, but these tests do not request individual pages. This is
why I did not look into the details of the existing code for a single page.
On first sight I agree with what you say. To fix this one can probably just
call HDC_CmdModeSense0x04 with an offset of 4, similar to how I did it for

The current code also does not check the DBD field, which means that more
changes would be required in order to be compatible at least with SCSI-2.
On the other hand, Hatari claims to be compatible with SCSI-1 CCS, for which
I don't have a reliable specification. But from my experience with real
SCSI-1 drives there is hardly any difference compared to SCSI-2.

But before applying more changes I would like to learn more on how to
reproduce what Eero reported:

HDC: REQUEST SENSE (SCSI, t=0, lun=0, cdb=03:00:00:00:60:00).
WARN : HDC: *** Strange REQUEST SENSE ***!

@Eero Can you please provide instructions on how to reproduce this, and the
Hatari commit ID that is affected?

Best regards


> Uwe Seimet schrieb:
> > The attached patch improves MODE SENSE a bit, by at least returning one
> > page instead of none when all are requested.
> Even with this patch, I'm confused by the MODE SENSE return data. Maybe
> Uwe (or someone else) can help resolve my confusion.
> I would expect the MODE SENSE data *always* to start with a four-byte
> header, containing: the overall data length, the medium type, a write
> protect bit and the length of the block descriptors (if any). Only after
> this header the individual pages should be returned.
> This is indeed the case when requesting page 0x3F (=all pages); see
> screenshots grab0005 and grab0006. At least the overall length appears
> to be set in the header (by [1]) and page 4 data starts only after the
> header at offset 4, followed by page 0 data.
> However, when I request only page 4 (screenshots grab0003 and grab0004)
> the four-byte header is missing and the page 4 data starts of offset 0.
> This matches what I see in the Hatari codebase: [2].
> Is my understanding of the SCSI standard(s) so wrong, w.r.t. MODE SENSE?
> Actual SCSI devices that I checked *always* return that header.
> Regards
> Christian
> [1]
> [2]
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