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Just by curiosity : should the Falcon crossbar DMA use also STMemory_DMA_ReadByte ?



Le 09/03/2022 à 16:12, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 25/02/2022 à 23:06, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 20/02/2022 à 09:48, Thomas Huth a écrit :

Also , I think the code in dmaSnd.c is accessing STRam[] directly
too, so we can have same problem of reading unallocated memory. Doing
nbr 3 would fix that too (for blitter it's OK already, it uses
get_word() )

Ok, but I guess we could also switch the DMA functions here, too? Just
like I did in commit 853fdeef9d438c for the crossbar code?

yes, I think this was on my todo list ; using STMemory_DMA_ReadByte in DmaSnd_FIFO_Refill() should take care of this possible problem. DmaSnd_FIFO_Refill() is called only on every HBL, so this shouldn't have a noticable impact if we used STMemory_DMA_ReadByte() instead of directly accessing STRam[]


I made some changes to use STMemory_DMA_ReadByte() for STE DMA sound.
Tested with "Music Dream II" demo by Electronic Images and FIFO is correctly filled as before.


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