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On 31.12.2021 12.26, Thomas Huth wrote:
Am Thu, 30 Dec 2021 22:28:43 +0100
schrieb Miro Kropáček <miro.kropacek@xxxxxxxxx>:
not a critical bug but perhaps still worth fixing: it seems that
hatari doesn't honour order of command line options equally.

This overrides (disables) natfeats but keeps trace:

hatari --natfeats on --trace os_base -c debug.cfg

while this:

hatari -c debug.cfg --natfeats on --trace os_base

enables both natfeats and trace. Of course, my preferred behaviour
would be to have natfeats enabled. ;)

Do you have "bNatFeats = FALSE" in your debu.cfg? If so, this is the
expected behaviour: Options are evaluated from left to right, so if you
specify your config file as last option, the values in there override
the ones that you specify earlier.

As for "--trace", I think these values are not saved in the config
files, so for this option, the value does not get overwritten by the
"-c debug.cfg" option.

Many of the Hatari debug options can be enabled only from command line, they cannot be set in the configuration file:

Reason for this is that typically their use is temporary.

NatFeats use is not any more limited to debugging, therefore it can nowadays enabled permanently in config file.

=> Should it move from Debug to General options section?

Note that there are also many options that can be set only from configuration file(s), not from command line. E.g. most Debugger and LILO options are such:

(Offering them all on command line would complicate / clutter the options output too much.)

And what options are visible through different Hatari GUIs (SDL, Mac, Python/Gtk) and its control socket & fifo interfaces differ again a bit.

(All command line options can be used through socket / fifo interfaces, so they're superset of that.)

	- Eero

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