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Le 28/11/2021 à 23:08, Phil a écrit :
Hi Nicolas.

Tested on ste 1.06 4mb. And mste 2.06. Both play ok. As does the Sndh on those machines.



after more traces, I think the problem is related to the MFP AER where bit 7 is set to 1 to trigger an interrupt when dma sound starts to play (instead of triggering it when dma sound reaches end address).

This could be because hatari has some incorrect value on reset in STE case ; could you check on your ste with monst or any small piece of asm code the value of $fffa01 before running chambers of shaolin (if you bypass the automation menu).

This should be checked from TOS desktop when running in color mode (because bit 7 of fffa01 is also xored with color/mono bit).


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