Re: [hatari-devel] Incomplete emulation of IKBD $0A command -> thresholds for IKBD $0B

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Le 01/11/2021 à 15:31, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

BTW, there seems to be a similar issue with the $0B command, which sets the thresholds for relative mouse movements. It is accepted, and correctly reported back with the $8B command, but otherwise not taken into account. However i don't know of any program that makes use of this.

I saw that too, will have a look later.


I pushed a change to handle Mouse.XThreshold / Mouse.YThreshold in IKBD_SendRelMousePacket().

For now, if DeltaX / DeltaY are less than Threshold, then nothing is reported when moving mouse ; for example with a threshold of 20, this means you must move the mouse for more than 20 units in one go to see the pointer moving on screen under gem desktop.

But I wonder if that's how it works on real ST ? Do we need to move the mouse fast enough to get a packet (else we never get a packet) or does it mean that if you move slowly by 1 unit you will get a packet after 20 units ?

If someone can test this on a real ST (by sending command $0B with threshold 20,20 for example) ? Else I will need to check it later, but my ST is in a box at the moment.


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