Re: [hatari-devel] Incomplete emulation of IKBD $0A command

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Le 30/10/2021 à 13:24, Thorsten Otto a écrit :

The IKBD command $0A (causing the IKBD to report cursor keys instead of mouse movements) takes two parameters for the thresholds. These are not considered by Hatari, instead it behaves as using threshold values of 1.

This can be seen eg. with gulam, where every mouse movements scrolls the history.

BTW, does anybody know what happens if those thresholds are set to zero?


from an annotated dump of the IKBD rom I made in 2012, I see this code :

F5D2 : 91 C5            "  "            cmpa    X00C5
F5D4 : 25 03            "% "            bcs     LF5D9
F5D6 : 72 01 C6         "r  "           oim     #$01X00C6
F5D9                            LF5D9:
F5D9 : 39               "9"             rts

where RAM 0xC5 will contain deltax/deltay value and reg A will contain x/y distance.

this would translate to :

if ( x_distance >= deltax )
  or #1,$c6

So I would say that delta_x =0 or =1 should have the same effect when x_distance is >0, it will report a key left/right for every change of 1 unit in x distance.

This matches the code in IKBD_SendCursorMousePacket(), except KeyCodeDeltaX/Y is not taken into account, it just does for example :

if (KeyboardProcessor.Mouse.DeltaX>0)
but correct would be
if (KeyboardProcessor.Mouse.DeltaX>KeyCodeDeltaX)

I think I can provide a patch for this, but I don't know the "gulam" program ; where can I get it to test the patch ?


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