[hatari-devel] Some buttons are not deselected / accepted

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another bug report, hopefully reproducible also on your setup. Some of the UI buttons simply stopped working. For instance "Load config". I start Hatari, go to "Load config", press OK and... OK stays selected, dialog still shown. Only after pressing Enter it gets accepted.

Another example - Floppy disks. Eject, Browse, Cancel and... the Cancel button stays selected. Only after I press Enter I can get out of that screen. Next time I'm in that screen, Cancel is still selected.

I really hope this is not something happening only on my setup. I'm running Linux + SDL2 2.0.16-2 on Arch/Manjaro Linux (i.e. pretty much latest versions of everything).

It started to happen quite recently but can't pinpoint the exact moment as I had Hatari long outdated.


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