[hatari-devel] Missing DMA sector count register emulation for ACSI transfers?

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I'm testing a (fairly exotic) harddisk driver that was bundled with DDD

Harddisktreiber V4.13
  (C) 1991 by K.R.
Digital Data Deicke

(Digital Data Deicke used to be a popular Atari distributor in Germany.)

.... and I found it not to be working on Hatari. First, I thought that it
was perhaps relying on some non-standard behavior/commands of DDD
harddisks. But meanwhile I've come to the conclusion that there is a
detail missing in Hatari's emulation of ACSI disks.

After completion of a command, the driver reads the DMA status register
at address $FF8606. (Not to be confused with the status byte that is
read over the ACSI bus from the actual drive.) It masks the lower three
bits and checks for 1 (= 3'b001). But Hatari always returns a 3 (=
3'b011), here. Bit 0 means "no DMA error", bit 1 means "sector count
register is not zero". The equivalent lines of code are here:

However, it seems that the ACSI code in hdc.c never sets the DMA sector
count register to 0, which makes this particular disk driver fail. I've
tested (by means of a quick hack) that zeroing the sector count register
from Acsi_DmaTransfer() makes Hatari return the expected DMA status of
1, and makes the driver work.


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