[hatari-devel] Hatari/EmuTOS peculiarity

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Setup: Hatari 2.3.0, running EmuTOS under Falcon emulation.

Peculiarity: switching from a 640x400 256-colour mode to a 640x400 2-colour 
mode currently causes the following Hatari message to be issued:

WARN : Strange screen size 160x400 -> aspect corrected by 4x1!

This was introduced by EmuTOS commit de32a25, which fixed a problem with 
switching to monochrome mode.  This is what the code used to do, as part of 
setting monochrome mode (after setting all the other videl registers):
	move 0x0400 to 0xff8266
Hatari did not issue the warning message.

This is what it does now:
	move 0x0400 to 0xff8266
	move 0 to 0xff8266
	move 0x0400 to 0xff8266
Hatari *does* issue the warning message.

I'm not sure why setting the number of bitplanes would cause Hatari to think 
there was something wrong with the aspect ratio.  In any case, the current 
EmuTOS code works on real hardware (just tested on my Falcon), so there isn't 
an actual bug in EmuTOS.

Can you remove the warning message for this please?  It might make a user think 
there was something wrong when there isn't.


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