[hatari-devel] Hatari 2.3 and maxymiser 1.53 "sync square" sound

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I see that maxymiser 1.53 was released a few days ago, featuring some new effects (from dhs.nu) :

Four fresh timer effect routines!!
* squarewave FM timer effect
* buzzer FM timer effect
* syncsquare timer effect (with research from Tat/Avena and Ben/OVR)
* syncbuzzer FM timer effect

In the readme, Gwen writes that the syncsquare is not correctly supported by Hatari. But when I listen to the recording made by Evil/Anders here


I don't here any noticable difference when playing the song under Hatari (except a global difference of volume in the youtube version) I think this effect should be supported since Hatari 2.1 and its "cycle accurate" YM2149, but maybe I missed something

Is there a small sndh file that just play several notes alone using this effect to do a better comparison between Hatari and a real STE ? (sorry, I have no skill in using Maxymiser myself :) )


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