Re: [hatari-devel] Possible bug in 060 exception stack frames

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On Samstag, 6. Februar 2021 12:57:12 CET Toni Wilen wrote:

> Is pre-compiled (".sa" like with 060) possible with 68040, at least if they

> are PC-relative


No, unfortunately not. The 040 package does not use a callout table as the 060 package does, but directly links to user-supplied functions. Also currently it is not completely pc-relative.


>ssin.o:(*ABS*+0xffffffe0): multiple definition of `X'


Looks as if your assembler does not understand the "0x" hex prefix. Thats strange


>btw, there is not much point in Amiga FPSP binaries


Yes, i know. But the test program should work at least.


>Plain 68040/68060 FPU support library would be mostly useless, at least

>when used with real hardware.


It would be of use if it would not only emulate the missing instructions, but also all others, for systems without an FPU. But that is another task ;)



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