Re: [hatari-devel] Possible bug in 060 exception stack frames

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> I've now changed the tests so that the expected/actual values are
> printed. Results are attached below.

Could you also include compiled .sa files? FMUL.X #xxxx,FP0 error goes
away if I use original sa files and I also get same FPU results (which
as you said), aren't that useful because they don't really tell what

> Hm, i now pulled current  Hatari again (including the fix you posted
> earlier), and the crash went away. Last debug output had shown that 
> the SSP that was used during the exception was in the range of the> user stackpointer, so this fix seemed to be needed even when the
> instruction was executed in user-mode.

Yeah, I missed the most important part, op_unimpl() switches to
supervisor (if not already) so following a7 readjustment would modify
wrong stack pointer..

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