Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari WinUAE vs oldUAE information, and MiNT with MMU?

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On Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2021 22:57:27 CET Miro Kropáček wrote:

> Not sure if I understand you here but you surely need to emulate stuff like

> fsin, fsqrt etc which is native on the 6888x and missing on 040/060.


Yes, those instruction were already removed for 040, and emulated also by the FPSP040. The 060 removed some more instructions (32x32->64 multiply for example), so these are there emulated, too. Question is whether there are instructions that cause an exception on 040 and are thus emulated by the FPSP040 package, but not by the 060 package. In that case we either need two different programs, or try to merge them somehow.



>And of course any FPU instruction if the CPU is an EC flavour.


Without FPU? No, that is not supported by those packages. They only emulate the instructions which were removed, but not basic operations like fadd.x etc.

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