Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari WinUAE vs oldUAE information, and MiNT with MMU?

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Le 12/01/2021 à 18:34, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

So program seems to only run with 68060+fpu internal, compatibility notes should be updated.


regarding hex pistols when running in 68060+fpu internal, there's a short black screen, then it loops on this :

cpu video_cyc= 8590 398@ 8 : 001D4132 082d 0000 fffc BTST.B #$0000,(A5,-$0004) == $ffffa202 cpu video_cyc= 8591 399@ 8 : 001D4138 67f8 BEQ.B #$f8 == $00000000 (T)

-> it waits for "ISR Receive Data Register Full", which seems to never happen.

At the same time, the DSP is mostly looping on this :

Dsp set TX register: 0x000000
p:0010  08dfef         (04 cyc)  movep y:(r7)+,x:$ffef
        Reg: r7  $19d7 -> $19d8
        Mem: x:0xffef  0x000000 -> 0x000000
p:0011  000000         (02 cyc)  nop
p:013b  0aa980 00013b  (06 cyc)  jclr #0,x:$ffe9,p:$013b

Someone used to DSP might see where is the problem ? (it loops the same with hatari 2.3.0, so it's not a recent issue)



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