Re: [hatari-devel] Shalll we remove deprecated features like SDL 1.2 now?

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Thomas Huth schrieb:

Now that the 2.3 release has been done, I'd like to start a discussion
about removing some features that have been marked as deprecated. I
think the most "important" one is currently SDL 1.2, since this version
of the library is not maintained since 2013 anymore, so most (all?)
developers use 2.0 these days, and the countless #ifdefs in the code
can be a real pain if you have to make changes in these areas.

I'm (by far) not an expert on SDL, but afaik removing the support for
SDL 1.2 would allow Hatari to use more modern APIs (that are only
available on SDL 2). For example, I know several users that are
unsatisfied with Hatari's joystick/gamepad support and I believe this
could be massively improved if Hatari was able to use the
SDL_GameController API. Afaik, only with this API users can add their
own controller mapping.

Perhaps this is another reason for removing SDL 1.2 support.

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