[hatari-devel] Hatari 2.3.1 has been released

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it seems Santa had still some extra gifts for us, as he just brings a new release of Hatari :)

This v2.3.1 is mainly a bugfix release, fixing a few issues that were reported after v2.3.0 was released

You can get it from https://hatari.tuxfamily.org/ or directly in https://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/2.3.1/

Sources are available, as well as prebuilt binaries for Windows (in 32 bit and 64 bit mode) and macOS (thanks to Troed). (note that the Windows binaries don't include PortAudio/PortMidi libraries for now, only macOS version does)

Main changes since Hatari 2.3.0 :
- Hatari could crash when switching to Falcon mode and no IDE drive was used
 - Fix unneeded extra prefetch for movem in 68020/30 CPU
 - Fix master clock use for crossbar/DSP Handshake mode
 - Fix hostport PORTB interrupt handling for DSP
 - FPU setting did not work in macOS version for french language
 - Fix Hatari window disappearing in the python UI when changing resolution

This improves several Falcon demos/programs that had bad sound or triggered bus error unless MMU was enabled.

See release-notes.txt for the full changelog http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/doc/release-notes.txt

No new intro this time, but you can still enjoy the one from Hatari 2.3.0 made by Evil/DHS and spkr/SMFX. Get it here https://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/demos/hatari_2.3/ or here https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=87497


PS : Thomas, could you change on atari-forum.com to set the topic "Hatari 2.3.1 has been released" as the top of the section and remove the stay on top flag for "Hatari 2.2.1 has been released" ?

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